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Our technical team is dedicated to provide timely, quality service at an affordable cost. Our trained technicians are experts in setting up wired and wireless networks and servers, troubleshooting and fixing hardware and software issues, custom PC builds, data back up and recovery, virus and malware removal, and printer and peripheral maintenance and repair. We also set up and design web sites!

Slow ComputerIs your computer suffering a hang over? Does it take forever to start up your PC? Do you sit and wait for programs to open? Is dust gathering in vents on the case? Annoying pop ups wont go away? Does your computer sound like a jet taking off? Is your software up to date? We clean your system inside and out! Call now for a check up and computer cleaning.
*Parts not included, On site service is $99/hour.

We offer remote, over the phone, and on-site support, plus you can always drop by our office between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, and our proficient techs will be happy to assist you!

Ampro Custom PCs
Let us Build your custom PC today!

  • Ampro Printer maintenance
    Having printing or scanning issues?
    We can help!
  • Ampro Networking
    Allow us to set up your wireless home or office network!
  • Upgrade parts
    Consider a PC upgrade for more storage, speed, graphics, wireless connectivity and more!

Call us today for a consultation to set up your Home PC, Server or Wireless Network. We do it all!

Tech Tip: Get your printer serviced at least quarterly. We often dont realize how important our printers are until something goes wrong! Having an unexpected printer issue will create major problems at work or home and cause many delays and frustrations. Get your printer serviced and cleaned on a regular basis to prevent a minor issue from turning into a big headache causing even greater damage and costs. A solution to your printer, copier, or fax is only a phone call away!

Tech Tip: Did you know one of the main causes of hardware problems is a dirty or dusty computer? As the dust builds up the computer and components can overheat, short out and fail. Come in today for a thorough professional computer cleaning!clean up

Ampro Windows 8Windows 10
Talk to one of our technicians before upgrading to Windows 8 for details and compatability with your system. Many users call it a flop and experience problems because it is such a radical change. If your uncertain about which way to go, we're recommending if theres nothing wrong with your current OS, leave it be. If getting a new system, we are still installing Windows 7 (Of course we will do Windows 8 at client request). Another option is to wait for the release of Windows 10. There isn't a set in stone date yet, but they are saying it should start showing up on new devices in June. Microsoft is bringing the "start button" back and making many improvements to it's latest struggling Operating System.  One of the many changes is the ability to have multiple desktop pages open simultaniously and... no more I.E!  Microsofts Internet Explorer with be replaced with a new browser called Spartan!  As a Microsoft Insider we have the technical preview of Windows 10 loaded on a machine to play around with and it is pretty cool so far!